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Eleonora Ivanova presented awards in the Best Employer competition


I wish for smaller companies to also participate in the next edition of the Best Employer competition in Bulgaria, because it is time for the experience of big companies to be multiplied among smaller companies as well

said the CEO of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber, Eleonora Ivanova, during the Career Show 2019 forum, which took place at „Arena Armeec" in Sofia. Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber was among the event's partners, and the organization's CEO was part of the jury, which evaluated the participants in the competition. Eleanor Ivanova presented the awards in the "Commitment and innovation" category in the „Best Employer“ competition.

Experian Bulgaria was the jury's choice for best employer, while the public's choice was А1. All winners in the competition can be seen here.

Career Show 2019 gathered 150 top companies and over 2000 selected candidates. The organizers had set up various lectures, discussions and workshops for career and personal development, which included dozens of the participants in the event.

The Career Show team is already actively preparing the expo for skilled personnel in 2020, which will take place on September 10th in „Arena Armeec“ again, and the national Best Employer awards will show good examples of the top companies next year.

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