Desislava Dimitrova

Desislava Dimitrova, 26 years old, is a Bulgarian citizen, who is studying at the Medical Faculty in Craiova.

When she learned about the project, with which the Visa Agency was created, Desislava Dimitrova showed a sincere interest, claiming that this is a very good opportunity for people, who want to work in Romania. She also sees the opportunity to find a job for herself after graduating from university, because she sees more chances to pursue her profession in that country. Desislava Dimitrova dreams of being a doctor in Craiova, where she has many friends and feels at home.

At the moment, after completing her daily university lectures and exercises, Desislava Dimitrova is a volunteer at the Municipal Hospital in Craiova, along with other Romanian fellow students.

She says she has lived in Romania for 8 years, during which she has not encountered any difficulties. Her relationships with her colleagues are extremely good, she has not encountered situations in which she is discriminated against as a foreigner. She thinks she is getting a very good training at the university.

Asked by Visa Agency to share how she sees the most important rights of a foreign employee in Romania, she says that they are related to social securities, the right of permanent residence and the right to dignity at the workplace.

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