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Half of the Bulgarian employers will let the employees work from home


Half of the employers in Bulgaria intend to continue the application of "distant" forms of employment even after the end of the anti-pandemic measures, while another 22% are hesitant. Only 6% of the companies will abandon „home office“ as a way of organising the work process, while 17% of the employers do not use employment from a distance.

This is shown in a survey of the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) and the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) among Human Resources managers from 180 companies across the country and from almost all economic sectors.

The state of emergency introduced in the spring of 2020 forced more than half of the employers (55%) to start using work at a distance in their companies, and 28% of them have applied this form of work before.

Most often, distant employment is used for the administrative personnel, managers, sales and marketing specialists, as well as financial and accounting specialists. Relatively rare are the cases of distant employment for technicians, engineers and applied specialists. As far as the people who provide security and safety - this form of employment is not applicable.

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