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InOut Trade Ltd. specializes in the development of individual courier and transport solutions for you and your business. The mission of the company is to help every online merchant (e-shop), who wants to sell in new EU countries to get fast, quality and profitable courier deliveries and fulfillment solutions.

At the request of Visa Agency for a short presentation of the company InOut Trade, the manager Svetlozar Dimitrov replied:

Inout Trade is probably the only Bulgarian company, specialized in the logistics and courier servicing of electronic shops. Our target group is e-shops, who are already selling or want to expand abroad. The company started operations in 2012 and only a year later we were delivering shipments to our customers in Romania as well. Today, the land destinations, to which the company delivers shipments, are 9, and all of its services can be seen on

The company very quickly manages to find customers in Romania. At first, it gains the trust of some of the biggest and steadily growing e-stores and thanks to this portfolio, InOut Trade began even faster to attract more clients to the Romanian market. The need for customer service in Romanian comes as a natural result of this growth, and for some potential clients the possibility of being serviced in Romanian is a prerequisite for starting operations in Romania. InOut Trade understands the need to react and recruits personnel in order to overcome the language barrier as a factor and to make the Romanian market possible for Bulgarian online merchants.

The first Romanian employee came in January 2015. During that period, Svetlozar Dimitrov recalled that when he had to recruit more staff, the company turned to the well-known websites for job search and demand in Bulgaria. In the published job ad, InOut pointed out a requirement for the candidates to have knowledge of Romanian language. 15 people applied, half of whom had no language skills at all.

"With every subsequent job ad the candidates, especially the most appropriate ones, were getting less and less," added Svetlozar Dimitrov. - We realized that the capacity for qualified Romanian-speaking staff in our region has been exhausted. Then, for the first time, we used similar online employment channels in Romania, so we attracted and hired two ladies, who speak Romanian. These were also the first employees to start travelling to work on a daily basis and I am glad to say that they are still part of our team - so I think we have achieved mutual satisfaction.

There are three people traveling daily from the Giurgiu region; three others with Romanian or dual citizenship also travel, but less often. Svetlozar Dimitrov argues that the company has not encountered difficulties in recruiting Romanian citizens, but getting acquainted with the administrative order and receiving answers to all questions takes time. The procedure requires the presence of a document for foreigners, issued by NRA Ruse, who want to conclude an employment contract in Bulgaria. They receive a number, with which the deducted social securities and taxes are transferred to Romania.

The participation of Romanians in the InOut Trade team contributes to greater legitimacy for Romanian-speaking clients. Romanian employees help the company overcome the language barrier, and customers receive a smooth and unobstructed consumer experience. Last but not least, the participation of Romanians changes the dynamics of the team.

"Our Christmas parties, for example, are extremely interesting," Svetlozar Dimitrov says, "we learn about our traditional folk songs, dances, modern party music.

An in-house language barrier does not exist because the manager of the customer service team in Romania has dual citizenship and speaks both languages ​​freely. The assignment of tasks and responsibilities from the management to the team is done through the team manager. The manager Dimitrov disapproves of the practice of conducting communication between Romanians and Bulgarians in English, because he believes that both parties may remain "lost in translation". From his personal experience, he says that even the management staff of major Romanian companies do not have good understanding of English, that’s why when InOut Trade’s approach of communication in Romanian was implemented, there were much better results.

Asked if he would have relied on the services of Visa Agency if it existed at the time when he first hired personnel from Romania, the manager of InOut Trade, Svetlozar Dimitrov, replied:

Definitely. We would have saved ourselves a lot of headaches and the so-called “growth pain".

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