Ivana Slavova

The Bulgarian Ivana Slavova is a student at the Medical Faculty in Craiova.

For 6 years now, Ivana Slavova, 24 years old, lives in Craiova and studies at the Medical Faculty. She often works as a volunteer at the Municipal Hospital in Craiova, where she takes part in all activities on an equal footing with her Romanian counterparts, thus increasing her chances for a good professional development. For her decision to receive higher education in Romania she says:

I decided to come to Romania because I know I will have a more fulfilling life after graduating from my university.

As she is still studying, Ivana is living in the faculty dormitory together with other Romanian fellow students and says she has a very good relationship with them.

Ivana Slavova sees her future in Romania, both in personal and professional terms. Therefore, the question Visa Agency had for her is what are the most important rights she would like to have as a foreign employee. Her answer is related to the right to paid leave and the right to equal opportunities and fair treatment.

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