Kiril Kirilov

Kiril Kirilov of Vidin comes to Craiova as a student and entwines his future with that of the city.

Eleven years ago, Kiril Kirilov decided to pursue dentistry in Romania. Until then, had lived in Vidin and headed to Craiova, where he had the opportunity to study at a university and to be relatively close to his family.

I arrived in Romania and enrolled in the university. I did one preparatory year in order to learn the language. It was a pretty hard work, but it all ended successfully.

After graduating, Kiril rents a dwelling in Craiova and begins to look for a job, which he easily finds. For a short time he worked as a dentist in a medical office in Craiova. He then decided to open his own company and cooperate with colleagues from the region.

In my first job after the university, I was very well accepted by the employer. After that, I established my own company and began to cooperate with the dental office I am currently working in. I did not have any difficulty in the process of establishing my company.

Kiril Kirilov currently works in two shifts. He says he is very pleased with both the working conditions and the way his colleagues treat him, as well as with the employers. Established permanently in Craiova, Kiril Kirilov already has his own family and plans to buy a home.

When asked by Visa Agency about his assessment of the measures that the Romanian state should take to improve the status of foreign workers in Romania, Kirilov states that more jobs should be created for foreigners, whether they know Romanian or not, and there should also be more training courses offered.

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