Milka Drazhkova

Milka Drazhkova was born in Ruse, studied in Bulgaria and Romania, lived in both countries and worked on both sides of the Danube. She is currently responsible for the team, which is a call center for InOut Trade customers in Romania.

According to Milka Drazhkova, Bulgarians and Romanians are the same, their culture and customs are very close, and she cannot pinpoint any significant differences in the working environment of the two countries. Asked by Visa Agency about whether the Romanians from her team encounter a language barrier in communicating with Bulgarian colleagues or in everyday situations in Bulgaria, she answers:

"According to my observations, there is no such language barrier. My colleagues are also fluent in English, if I am not around or am busy, they can communicate in English. It also helps them in everyday situations such as in shops, on the street for directions or other similar cases. So far, there have never been any serious difficulties or miscommunications because of the language.

Milka Drazhkova believes that people in Bulgaria are wrong to think that the level of pay in Romania is significantly higher. She explains that the expenses in Romania are also higher, which levels the playing field. According to her observations, Romanian citizens are interested in the Bulgarian labor market and the border is not a barrier for really motivated people. There is also a growing interest in working specifically in Ruse, because for the Romanians the city is close, but it is a different and more intriguing place to work in compared to Giurgiu for example.

When she talks about her work she remembers funny stories:

We had a very fun job situation with a client, who had translated his online store through Google Translate. He complained that his sales to Romania were lackluster, and after we did an audit, we found extremely comical, and unfortunately damaging for him, translation errors. The "Add to Cart" button was translated as "Load the Ship". Also interesting is the difference with the greeting kiss in Romania. There, it is normal to kiss everyone on the cheeks when you greet them, even in contacts between not so close people. For the ladies, it is not exactly normal to go for a handshake - the greeting is either a kiss on the cheek, or if you go for a handshake, it is very likely that you will get a kiss on the hand in return.

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