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Increase of the minimum salary in Romania in 2022


From January 1st, 2022, the gross minimum salary in Romania will increase. It is currently 2300 RON (approximately 465 euro) and in the beginning of next year, it will become 2550 RON (around 515 euro). Calculations suggest, that the minimum hourly wage will be 15.24 RON.

At the same time, the minimum gross salary for employees with higher education will be abolished. It is currently 2350 RON. The minimum salary for workers in the construction sector (3000 RON) will remain the same.

We remind you that the social securities in Romania (social - 25% and health - 10%) are covered by the employees by being deducted from their gross salary. Income tax is also charged on the remaining amount - 10%, but not before a certain non-taxable income is deducted.

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