Monica Petrova

Monica Petrova has been living in Romania for 11 years, where she graduated and now works as a doctor.

Monica Petrova's path to Craiova began when she decided to study medicine there and her family and friends encouraged her, because they are aware of the advantages of higher education in Romania: there is no admission exam, there are also no fees due to an agreement between Bulgaria and Romania. Since that time, 11 years have passed, during which Monica Petrova graduated and now she works as a doctor at Municipal Hospital No. 1 in Craiova with an individual full-time employment contract. Regarding her Romanian colleagues, she says she is extremely pleased with her professional relationship with them and says she has never been neglected because she is a Bulgarian. She also adds that she is satisfied with her work schedule and pay.

Since recently, Monica has her own family, her husband is a Bulgarian who works as a dentist in Craiova. The family is living in a rented apartment, but they are already thinking about buying a home.

Visa Agency is interested in her views on what measures the Romanian state should take to improve the status of foreign workers. Monica Petrova responds that it would be good for non-EU citizens (for example, from Serbia) to have the same rights as those from EU Member States and to have the opportunity to practice their profession once they graduate. She added about herself, that she had no difficulties in Romania and was often supported by both her employer and her colleagues and friends.

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