Persida Zhaneta Catana-Nedelcheva

Persida Zhaneta Katana-Nedelcheva was born in the Romanian city of Caransebeș. Her mother is a Bulgarian and her father - Romanian. She came into Bulgaria when she was 14 years old and started studying in the English Language School in Ruse.

She says that, at the time, she spoke Bulgarian, but experienced some difficulties with specific terms, which she needed for learning her lessons and writing her homework. She remembers her first day and the first homework in Bulgarian language "Moral Views in Dante's Worldview”. As someone, who had recently arrived in Bulgaria, she had not read the book and there were words she did not know the meaning of. She went to school without homework, but the teacher made a compromise and forgave her. Thanks to her classmates she manages to catch up on the terminology and performs very well.

She majored in “Primary School Pedagogy” from the University of Ruse "A. Kunchev". In 1991, she began working as a primary school teacher at Secondary School for German Language Learning, Friedrich Schiller - Ruse. In 2015, she received a proposal to lead a newly-created private school to the Catholic Church.

In 2016 she left "Friedrich Schiller" and became the director of Private Primary School " Vyara, Nadezhda i Lyubov " - ​​Ruse. With colleagues and children she communicates in Bulgarian, but when foreign Catholic clergymen are visiting their school, she frequently has to use Italian and English. According to Persida Zhaneta Katana-Nedelcheva, it becomes very fun when children, who do not speak Bulgarian at all, enroll at the school. With help from both sides, the teachers gradually learn the language of the children and the children learn Bulgarian.

She admits that she rarely uses Romanian, but years ago she used to teach the language to beginners. She remembers that she used to involve the students in “children games” and that made language learning easier and more fun. Recently, Persida Katana-Nedelcheva started visiting singing festivals in Romania with her daughter. That way, she intends to introduce her child to her homeland, thus giving her the opportunity to create friendships with children of her age.

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