Preparation of documents for applying for a job

VISA Agency helps you, the jobseekers from the cross-border area, present your skills and knowledge in the best possible way and in accordance with the best international standards.

We can do that in the following ways (not a full list):

  1. Verbal consultation on creating a CV

  2. Editing an already created CV

  3. Creating a CV of the client on the spot

  4. Verbal consultation on creating a motivational letter

  5. Editing an already created motivational letter

  6. Verbal consultation about the list of documents, which should be attached to the CV

  7. Translation of the CV and motivational letter to Bulgarian, Romanian or English

  8. Verbal consultation on the collection of recommendations

  9. Verbal consultation on how to present yourself at a job interview

  10. Verbal consultation on the collection of information about a potential employer from available sources

  11. Selection of potential employers based on the personal profile and preferences of the client and/or submitting the client's CV to potential employers

In order to use that service, it's necessary to fill in and send an application for the provision of service.

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