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The Bureau of Labor offer preferences for employers and unemployed people


The Employment Agency, through its Bureau of Labor Directorates, launched financial support for employers and unemployed persons. The possibilities for this are defined in the National Employment Action Plan. This will support employers who wish to hire unemployed persons or organize training for the employed/unemployed, as well as the unemployed persons themselves.

The Agency also provides another opportunity for unemployed people – to start an own business. They can receive funds to start their activities based on an approved business project by receiving:
- the applicable cash benefits in case of unemployment as a lump sum or 
- reimbursement of expenditures incurred up to BGN 5,000. 

In both measures, other services accompanying the launch are also provided.
The announced funds will support the employment of nearly 630 unemployed persons from vulnerable groups on the labor market to find their permanent job by joining subsidized employment through a specific program or measure, in whose scope and target group they fall.

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